Has members of SPAB, ICON holding CSCS Gold Cards and Certified Lincrusta Restores of high relief papers and ceiling panels, we work to the ethos of the afore; advocating excellence and engagement in the conservation of our cultural heritage, taking into account the building fabric, past and future, historical and social significance.

We begin with a sight survey, looking into the condition of the historical paper/ ceiling panel to be restored and possible associated issues to the breakdown of the wall coverings integrity. Advice on remedial work prior to restoration being conducted and costing for the said restoration project.

In support of listed building consent/ planning application for development, we supply documentation as part of a heritage statement detailing the said historical paper/ ceiling panel with a detailed outline to reinstate any sections as a result of works.

Lincrusta-Walton, Tynecastle Tapestry, Anaglypta, Salamander, Lignomur, Corticine, and Cameoid are examples of historical wallcoverings and ceiling panels produced in Britain from 1877 onwards, which we are regularly asked to restore.